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FREE Pizza Business Sample #1

(excerpt from the Pizza Business Manual)

How & where can I borrow equipment for free?

Did you know that you can obtain equipment such as icemakers, post mix fountains, refrigerators, and business signs for free? I did not find this out until I had opened my first pizza shop. Beverage distributors, such as Pepsi, Coke and beer companies loan out equipment to restaurants all the time. The only catch is that you buy their product and the equipment will usually display their trade name. 

For example, I needed a self-service post mix fountain for my pizza shop. Such a piece of equipment can be very expensive brand-new. However, Pepsi loaned me a brand new unit for free along with an icemaker too! All I had to do in return was to purchase the syrup from them and their fountain had a big Pepsi sign on the front of it for the customers to see. 

I think this is a great way to get equipment that you would normally have to buy. In addition they gave me lighted menu boards that hung from the ceiling and wall clocks. 

Next time you go into a pizza shop look around to see how much of the equipment and/or fixtures have some type of company logo. All of those items are loaned or have been given to the store. In order to obtain such items, simply call you local soft drink distributor and tell them you are interested in selling their product in your store and that you need some equipment. 

Pepsi is very good about this and they even provide free service for their equipment. For example if the post mix they loaned you breaks down they will come out and fix it at no charge.



FREE Pizza Business Sample #2

(excerpt from Guide to a Successful Pizza Business).

Sales Tricks

How to entice a customer to order a larger pizza than they need? This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, that pizza shop owners use to increase sales once a customer is inside their pizza shop. Most pizza shops hang pizza pans on the wall to indicate the different sizes of pizza that are served.

The trick is to mount the pans as far back away from the order counter so that the "medium" (usually 12" or 14") which would be plenty for two people looks small, and the "large" or "extra large" (usually 16") looks more appealing to them. Therefore, the customers order the large pizza instead. If you mount the pizza pans so close to the order counter, the larger pizzas look way too big, which will result in lower large pizza sales.



FREE Pizza Business Sample #3

(excerpt from How to Start and Run a Pizza Business for Cheap).

Free Office Rent

If you decide to rent an office, consider a creative twist to leasing an office.

For example, I know pizza business owners who will rent an industrial condo. The typical setup is an office up front, connected to a warehouse in the back with a door between the two.

The pizza business will occupy just the front office area and rent out the back warehouse to another business.

Let’s say your office rent for the entire unit is $800 per month and you rent the warehouse out for $500 a month. That’s only $300 per month for a nice retail space to sell your pizzas out of.

One pizza owner I know rented a building for $1000 per month and kept a tiny part of it for his pizza business and rented out the remainder for $1,000 per month! That’s right! Free rent! There is no law that says you must tell your renter how much YOU are paying per month. All you need is permission from your landlord to sublease and you’re good to go!

Also, consider renting out a “duplex” office where you can operate out of one office and sublease the other office. 

Another tip is to find a property owner who has a lot of space that he doesn’t use. Ask the owner if he will let you use a tiny portion of his property to start a small pizza business. Offer him a low offer. It’s not unheard of for pizza business owners to find property owners who would love to earn one or two hundred dollars a month for simply letting you use a tiny portion of their large space.

The more creative you are the better!


FREE Pizza Business Sample #4

(excerpt from 10 Biggest Mistakes Pizza Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them).

Mistake #10


One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a pizza business owner is to not change with the dynamic world we live in.

The best businesses change with the times.

Always pay very close attention to what is popular and you will succeed faster than you could imagine.

We all know that person who is “anti-technology”. They would rather read newspapers than read the Internet. They don’t know how to use simple “call waiting”. They are stuck in their old, archaic ways. You can’t afford to do this in business.

There are countless examples if how you can change with the times, but here are the largest examples:

EXAMPLE: You need to realize that the Internet is here to stay.

Consider offering free WI-FI (internet).

If you don’t put a large sign in the window that says 

“FREE WI-FI” for customers, don’t be surprised if your competition swallows you whole in a single gulp.

Offering free WI-FI will not only set you apart from your competition, but it will generate more customers who are increasingly becoming more and more depending on an internet connection while “on the go”.

Since this is not a book on WI-FI, you need to consult a computer expert if you are not familiar with this topic. For example, some major issues you need to do are:

1. Get a fairly high speed connection from your Internet Provider (don’t get the cheapest , slowest package).

2. Require a password, so only your customers can enjoy free internet (if your customer asks, you will give them the password.) Also, change the password weekly.

3. Make sure there is an electrical outlet near each table, since most laptop users like to plug in their computers (batteries don’t last forever).

4. Consider offering 2 or 3 free internet computer stations. Simply set up some cheap desktop computers with a small desk and offer “free computer usage with purchase of any pizza and beverage – 2 hour limit per customer.” 

Remember… Be DIFFERENT! (very few competitors do this!).

5. Set up a website and offer online ordering, a blog, or downloadable pizza coupons.


FREE Pizza Business Sample #5

(excerpt from Audit Tips for the Pizza Business).

10 ways a Pizza Business Owner can trigger an IRS audit

Through my experience coupled with the experience of fellow attorneys and business owners who have been audited as well as friends with hands-on IRS experience, I have compiled my own special list of the top 10 ways to trigger an audit:

1. You don’t file your return or you file your return late, past any available extension allowed by law.

If you don’t file a return, it is a sure way of being an audit target. Please file your returns and file them on time. If you are late, the IRS knows that you don’t have an accountant or tax employee because pizza business owners who have such tax help almost always file on time.

2. You show losses year after year

It’s normal for a starting business to show a loss every once in a while. However, if you show a loss year after year, then they will know something is wrong.

3. You don’t pay your estimated taxes

If you own your own business, then the IRS requires you to pay estimated taxes, due by each quarter, or every three months. If you fail to pay your estimated taxes, then it’s a trigger for an audit.

4. You show profit one year, a loss another year, etc

If one year you show lots of income, then the next year you show little income, then the next year you show lots, then the next year you show little, then the IRS will be curious what is going on. They will think you are hiding income on certain years. You must report the truth, keeping in mind that the IRS gets very curious when your income is unsteady.

5. You have several businesses

If you own businesses other than a pizza business, then you are in the sights of the IRS. 

6. You have some businesses claiming a loss and others claiming a profit

The IRS also looks for other businesses you own and if they find that some business show a loss year after year and others show a profit year after year, then you are likely to get audited.

7. You have lots of transactions over $10,000 cash.

If you give or receive $10,000 or more in cash, you are required to report it. Assuming you are doing the reporting the right way, the IRS will become curious as to why you are dealing in so much cash. You are likely to be audited. Fortunately, a pizza business owner is very unlikely to sell over $10,000 in pizzas for cash! 

8. You show that you write big checks for mortgages, fancy car payments and other consumer items, but you report less income than the amount you write in checks for these consumer items.

Basically, here’s what the IRS is thinking… You reported that you only made $1,000 last year, so how did you afford to pay for all those fancy cars and fancy homes?

9. You’ve been audited before and owed the IRS money

If you’ve been audited before and owed the IRS money, the IRS will audit you again to make sure you changed your ways.

10. Errors in tax preparation

If you submit your tax forms and they contain errors, wrong forms, or numbers that don’t “add up”, then it is a trigger for an audit. The IRS has a computer system that compares several red flags and alerts them that you need to be audited. The problem is that may people rely on computer software to do their taxes. What people do not realize is that software programs don’t think like humans so even though the software program tells you there are no errors, a human at the IRS might see it differently. That’s why it pays to have a CPA or some type of accountant that can organize your records and do your taxes for you.

Keep in mind that these audit trigger tips are general and simply designed to give you an idea of what to avoid. I’m sure the IRS randomly audits people all the time, so when you get audited despite not “triggering” our tips, don’t blame us!


FREE Pizza Business Sample #6

(excerpt from Pizza Menu Secrets).

Proper descriptions of pizza menu items

How you describe your items should make your guest’s mouth water. 

Never be afraid to explain what is in a dish, and use ethnic names if they fit, to add a bit of authentic uniqueness to the pizza menu description.

For example, Margherita Pizza sounds better than basil and tomato pizza

Your next step is to explain what is in the dish in the description itself. 

For example: 

Margherita Pizza

Thin crust, slices of fresh mozzarella cheese, our authentic pizza sauce, topped with aromatic basil.

You can also experiment with local geography or local history into a menu item name. This is a great way to make your pizza business menu unique. 

For example, Texas Barbeque gourmet pizza sounds better than “barbeque pizza”.

In addition, you should avoid making descriptions too long. 

The general rule is that a sentence or two is acceptable, but one sentence is preferred. 

Remember… LESS IS MORE!!


FREE Pizza Business Sample #7

(excerpt from the Companion CD Rom which comes with Paul's Secret Pizza Recipes).

NOTE:  Above is only about HALF of what is on the actual CD which comes with the book.


FREE Pizza Business Sample #8

(excerpt from the Ultimate Pizza Business Resource CD Volume 1)

Food Vendors

1. Pollo-O premium taste natural cheese 888-765-5462

2. Piancone / Roma

3. Stanislaus tomatoes / pizza sauce company 800-327-7201

4. Bellissimo Foods Distributers 800-813-2974

5. Buffalo Wings / Pizza / Chicken Tenders / Buffalo Sauce - Na Nova Wings

6. Escalon Premium Brands : 

7. Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza Fully Cooked Meats for Foodservice & Industrial Applications

8. Meatballs, sausages, etc – Fontanini - 773-890-0600 or 800-331-6328

9. ADM – Food ingredients, baking and cereals, dairy, dressing and sauces, meat products, processed foods, snack foods.

10. Marzetti – Breadsticks, salad dressings, etc. 
The Marzetti family of quality foodservice products offers an impressive variety of convenient portion control sizes, as well as bulk packaging for the restaurant industry. Combine this with competitive pricing, excellent service and coast-to-coast production & distribution... we can be everywhere you are with foodservice sizes of our great tasting dressings and sauces; croutons; hearth baked breads; yeast rolls; precooked egg noodles and pasta; sour cream; dips; and caviar. Marzetti brands make memorable meals!

11. Pilgrim’s Pride Foodservice / Pierce Chicken / Wings.

“As the largest poultry company, Pilgrim’s Pride Foodservice gives you a full line of delicious chicken solutions and a total poultry focus you can count on. 
Count on Our Products
We continue to feature the same superior quality Pierce Chicken products and brands. 
Count on Our Innovation
From inventing the world’s first fully cooked fried chicken to launching the wing category, our innovative spirit creates menu versatility that keeps consumers coming back. 
Count on Our Service
With a poultry focus dating back to 1946, we pledge to give you the kind of respect you expect in a partner.”

12. Texas Pete Hot Sauce.

13. Grande Cheese. It is the exceptional food you serve that makes a connection with customers and keeps them coming back. When you deliver the perfect pie…a crisp crust, the special flavor of your sauce, excellent toppings, complemented by the most flavorful of cheeses…customers remember. That uncompromising quality and consistency is what differentiates you and Grande can be your partner to help create a unique point of difference. Every Grande Associate is committed to improving your bottom line by helping you build success today and tomorrow. 

14. Paradise Tomato Pizza sauces

15. Cheese

16. Leprino. We are a world leader in premium- quality cheese manufacturing and the largest U.S. exporter of whey products. Leprino mozzarella cheese, cheese blends, and pizza cheese are made specially for pizzeria and foodservice operators, frozen food manufacturers and private label cheese packagers. 

17. Flour – or 

18. Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque Sauce – 

19. Recipes and Tyson stuffed mini bites.

20. Giorgio Foods.




24. Breads:

25. Cheese: A & M Cheese. 419-476-8369

26. Cheese:

27. Cheese:

28. Cheese

29. Cheese:



32. Crusts:

33. Crusts and dough:

34. Crusts:

35. TNT Crusts: 920-431-7240

36. Pizza crusts:

37. Spices: McClancy Seasoning: 800-843-1968

38. Olives:

39. Olives:

40. Sauces:


FREE Pizza Business Sample #9

(excerpt from the Ultimate Pizza Business Resource CD Volume 1I)

Free Demo Software / P.O.S. for Pizza Business

Please contact vendors below for free demo software.

1. Revention –

2. Intouch POS – InTouchPOS® is the leading Advanced Point of Sale and Management Data System for multinational chains and single restaurant operators. InTouchPOS® is an Advanced Touch Screen System with Easy-To-Use Front of the House, and User Defined Comprehensive Back of the House.

InTouchPOS® is capable of handling every type of foodservice operation, and it is fully loaded with all of the Management tools necessary for running an efficient restaurant.

3. PDQ Pizzeria System – Free Demo Available

4. Point of Success. Free Demo Available

5. Future POS. Free Demo Available











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